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20th Jun 2018

5 sportswear bits we are crushing on right now (and they’re ALL on sale)

Getting a workout in?

It’s safe to say that during the summer time (even if it does rain) we all get into a bit of a health buzz.

Yes, during the winter months we rather be cosy under the covers, hibernating in our rooms and not stepping a foot outside, but come the summer months, we basically want to stay out all day long – even if that means going for a run or heading to a boxing class with a mate.

So, to accommodate your little fitness buzz, we have rooted out the best sportswear bargains that are on sale right now:

Nike Coral Bra – €22.50

Nike Victory Compression Bra Coral

Adidas pink shirt – €20.25

adidas Foil Text Women’s T-Shirt Pink

Puma purple bra – €16.80

Puma PWRSHAPE Forever Bra, Purple

Nike swoosh swimsuit – €15

Under Armour leggings – €20