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21st Apr 2019

Superstar gymnast Katelyn Ohashi kills it at her final college championship routine

Yep, it is another absolute jaw-dropper of a performance.

If you’ve never heard of 21-year-old Katelyn Ohashi, there is probably still a chance that you’ve seen one of her performances in the last few months.

Earlier this year, she performed at the Under Armor’s 2019 Collegiate Challenge, and she found that her routine had gone viral within a matter of hours.

If you’ve seen it, then you’ll understand why.

There is just such a sense of joy in her performance, along with the fact that she does it to some kick-ass tunes, and absolutely nails each move along the way, too.

Well, this weekend, Ohashi performed for the last time at the collegiate level, at the NCAA gymnastics championships.

This time she “only” scored a 9.950 (instead of the perfect 10 she got last time), before giving the audience and the judges the mic-drop moment she was obviously holding out for.

Watch her last (for now) performance below: