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26th Nov 2020

QUIZ: How well do you remember The Inbetweeners?


There’s nothing like a nostalgia quiz to make you feel old.

It’s been almost ten years since the last episode of The Inbetweeners aired. TEN YEARS. That makes us feel positively ancient.

It seems like just yesterday we were trying to time episode watches for when our parents weren’t in the room, marvelling at Neil’s dance moves, and strongly questioning Simon’s choice of hairstyle. (How were his spikes in such a perfectly straight line?)

But though it may seem like yesterday, we’re thinking we have actually gotten a bit rusty on the ins and outs of each episode. Which means it’s time for a rewatch. But before that, it’s time for a quiz.

This quiz focuses only on the TV show so your movie knowledge won’t help you here.

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