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18th Jul 2012

“Women in Ireland are Very Chic and Stylish” says Victoria Beckham. We Agree, Don’t You?

Victoria Beckham was in town this morning to meet and greet shoppers at Brown Thomas on Grafton Street. We have all the goss about her visit right here...

When Victoria Beckham comes to town, you just know it’s going to be good. That was why toddled down to Brown Thomas on Grafton Street this morning to try and catch a glimpse of the lady in question.

Let’s just say that Victoria didn’t disappoint. Hah, as if she would, in fairness.

The air was literally buzzing with excitement and anticipation as journalists and around 300 fans eagerly awaited her arrival. The gardaí were present and Victoria’s big, burly security guards were on hand, probably to stop people like us from running over and gushing “OMG, WE LOVE YOU!” at her.

Victoria was running late, having just landed in Dublin Airport a mere twenty minutes before she was due to appear, but we didn’t mind. Instead we checked out Victoria’s Twitter page where she was keeping us all up to date:

Can we just say that the place literally erupted when the lights dimmed and Victoria walked out from behind a white curtain?

She was, as you would expect, effortlessly stylish. There was a round of laughter when everyone saw that Lady V was rocking an amazing coat – clearly she was prepped for the Irish summer. She was calm, collected and posed for photographers before getting up, close and personal with fans and journalists.

Speaking about the turnout, Victoria admitted that she was surprised: “I’m quite overwhelmed. The turnout is absolutely incredible so thank you,” she told Today FM.

Victoria was at Brown Thomas in order to showcase some pieces from her autumn/winter 2012 collection and to personally thank her supporters. In fact, 50 lucky fans were treated to an exclusive meeting with the fashion designer.

And soon word spread that Victoria’s little girl, Harper Seven, had joined her Mam on the trip.

“She is just around there,” said Victoria, motioning to the white curtain.

“She comes everywhere with me ,” she added.

Cute, right? But how does a busy Mum manage to juggle looking after a young child and dominating the fashion world?

“You know I think it’s no different for me to how it is any mum who’s working, you know? It definitely has its challenges. As I’ve said before, it’s a bit like juggling glass balls, but there’s lots of mums out there that are busy with family as well,” Victoria said.

“I’m so blessed to have the family that I have and to be doing what I love to do so I’m just…I’m thrilled,” she added.

Victoria also admitted that she would be making some time to have a browse around the Irish shopping scene while she was here.

“Absolutely I’m going to be doing some shopping! I love Brown Thomas, I really, really do and they’ve been such great partners to me, incredibly supportive. I’m excited to meet the customers to be here in Dublin, to meet the women. Women in Ireland are very chic and very stylish, so to come and meet them,” she said.

“I want to empower women, that’s why I do what I do. I want to meet the women and I want to give my customer what she wants so that’s why trips like this are incredibly important to me,” she added.

There you have it women – we’re officially a stylish bunch. That’s pretty awesome coming from Victoria Beckham’s mouth don’t you think? Eh…we’re ready for our close up photographers of Ireland!

And finally, does Victoria have anything in her wardrobe that she’s completely ashamed of? You’ll be pleased to know that she does:

“Yeah I mean I think everything was good at the time. Sure I look at things and I think ‘Goodness me, that might not have been my greatest fashion moment!’ but it was good at the time and I look back at those outfits and I smile,” she said.

A few more poses (one with a child she plucked out of the crowd, see below), a quick wave and Victoria was heading backstage to pick up Harper and probably hit the shops.

She came, she saw and she looked damn good doing it.