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18th Jul 2015

Weird Wide Web – Here’s Five Of The Strangest Headlines From Around The Globe This Week

Grab yourself a cup of tea and read on.

They say you can’t believe everything you read… and with these headlines, you might have to take a second look.

While we know the internet is a strange and magical place, it’s also home to some of the more bizarre stories we find ourselves gasping at on our tea break.

Here are our top five strangest headlined from across the globe this week…

‘Baby Shark Fell Out Of The Sky And Fell Into Family’s Back Yard’


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it was a shark?! The Huff Post brought the first of the bizarre headlines to us this week… and made us think twice about stepping outside for some fresh air.

‘Angela Merkel FORCED to release secret UFO files German government fought to withhold’


If you’ve ever pondered whether there was a threat of a UFO invasion, apparently the answer could lie with the German government. The Express brought this story to our attention, as well as the fact that the UN are establishing a UFO research agency…

‘Riley ‘the birthday dog’ used by NK to show American decadence’

reilly birthday dog

According to The Telegraph, in the latest strange move from North Korea’s state media, the happiest dog in the world is now being held up as the poster child for American’s dwindling morals…

We don’t understand how anybody would have a problem with this little face.

‘‘Vampires’ keep doctors in the dark for fear of stereotyping: Study’


In a bizarre health study released this week, research has found ‘vampires’ or people ingesting blood, find it more difficult to trust their doctors with health concerns fearing rejection or disgust.

Reuters reported on the results, published in the latest issue of Critical Social Work.

‘Michigan Police Hope Squirrel Mug Shot Helps Nab Nut Thief’

squirrel mug shot

Police have come up with a pretty unusual way of tracking down the latest culprits of a walnut cargo robbery. We’re not going to ruin it for you, but the Huff Post brought us this gem (and very entertaining picture…)

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