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15th Aug 2019

This simple yet superb idea won at the 2019 Young Shark Awards


Brought to you by the Shark Awards Kinsale

And now we’re eager to get our own creative juices flowing.

Last week, countless young and aspiring creatives from all over the world headed to Kinsale for the Young Shark Awards. Here, they simply had to muster up just one thing — the perfect way to promote the Shark Awards Kinsale next month (September 18 to September 21).

The Shark Awards Kinsale is the spot for excellent creative talent to finally get recognised and so we can’t sing its praises enough. Don’t forget, no matter your craft, whether it be branded content, film, music, digital design, social media — you name it — it’s entirely worthwhile entering and spending a weekend exploring a world of so many different ideas and mingling among like-minded creatives.

As for the Young Sharks competition that took place recently, there were countless innovative ideas, contrasting views and individual minds coming together, meaning the judges had indeed, a hard task at hand. They had the job of whittling all these ideas down to leave just one that would take first place.

Well, Lewis Aramayo, from Australia, proposed that the Shark Awards team create an Instagram page named ‘a_shark’ where they could follow creatives around the world. Once the attention of these creatives had been caught, they’d then be encouraged to enter the competition by DM.

Lewis, from Sydney, who’s currently working at Ogilvy as a copywriter said:

“Winning a trip to the Kinsale Shark Awards is a huge feather in the cap. It’s not every day you get to rub shoulders with the best creatives in the biz, gain valuable career experience and drink pints of Guinness along the way. I feel very lucky to have won the opportunity… must be the luck of the Irish!”

So what helped Lewis nab the top prize? Well, in the words of Young Shark Judge Shay Madden (Rotcho Art Director), ‘Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest… and Lewis’ one is a brilliant example and one that the festival could activate at little cost.’

He said:

“It really smartly targets creatives all around the world… piques their curiosity with the message ‘A shark started following you’ while also leveraging the perfect social platform for the festival to open up further direct communication.”

To meet Lewis and plenty more creative types from across the globe, be sure to get your tickets to the Shark Awards Kinsale taking place next month from September 18 to September 21! G’wan!

Brought to you by the Shark Awards Kinsale

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