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30th Nov 2018

These are the new public transport fares that come into effect this weekend

Keeley Ryan

Better take note.

The new public transport fares – which were announced by the National Transport Authority earlier this year – are set to come into effect tomorrow.

The changes are being introduced in a move towards a flat fare for using public transport.

Anne Graham, Chief Executive of The National Transport Authority, previously warned that the changes mean “some fares will rise and some will be reduced”.

Here are some of the biggest changes being implemented…

The monthly fare on Irish Rail will drop from €154 to €145 – which in turn means that the annual fare will be €1,450, down from €1,540.

The fares for single journeys in a Short Hop Zone are also going to change, as they move to a flat fare.

The new Dublin Bus and Go-Ahead Ireland bus fares will see the Leap fare for journeys between 1-3 stages increase by 5 cents – going up to €1.55.

The €2.60 Leap fare for journeys of more than 13 stages will decrease to €2.50, while the €2.15 Leap fare for trips between 4-13 stages will increase to €2.25.

Meanwhile, there’s going to be no change to the €3.30 cash fare for trips more than 13 stages, but the €2.85 cash charge for journeys between 4-13 stages will increase to €3.00.

The Xpresso cash fare will also increase from €3.65 to €3.80.

And for Luas commuters, among many other things, there’s going to be no more distinction between peak and off-peak Leap fares. This is going to be part of the fare simplification process.

Bus Éireann will also be introducing a number of changes, including a new 24-hour student fare of €4.00 in Galway, Limerick and Waterford.

You can read about the full list of fare changes here.