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31st Aug 2016

There’s a very important Irish link to Sudocrem that we never knew about

It will blow your mind!

Rebecca Keane

You learn something new every day.

When it comes to pronouncing things, every relationship or friendship has their limit when it comes to correcting someone else.

We’ve learned already how to correctly say Ralph Lauren and Asos already, but another word has emerged that we are all guilty of mispronouncing our whole lives.

The correct pronunciation of Sudocrem, [sudo-cream] like we’ve all been saying, is in fact pronounced [Sudo-cremm]. WHAT?


Sudocrem, a medicated cream which we use on our spots and sometimes babies butts, was developed in 1931 to treat nappy rash by Dublin pharmacist Thomas Smith. 85 years later, the classic formula has stayed the same and the 34.4 million pots sold worldwide every year are still manufactured in Baldoyle, Dublin.

Another thing we didn’t know is that the ointment was originally called “soothing cream”, but thanks to the beautiful Dublin accents many Irish people harbour, the name was changed to “suuding-cream” in 1950 and VOILÁ, the name Sudocrem was born.

Regardless of pronunciation, let’s all take a minute to appreciate Sudocrem for the life saver it truly is…