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21st Jun 2016

The cost of a wedding in the UK is nearly half the price of an Irish one

Who said the Celtic Tiger was dead?

If you want to save money getting hitched, it may be time to book your flights.

Getting married may be one of the most expensive events in a person’s life.

If it’s not the dress, it’s the shoes and that’s not even counting paying for the meal and all the people invited.

It always costs a pretty penny getting married to your loved one and according to our brothers at, it’ll cost you even more than it should if you plan to get married at home.

In a survey carried out by Ocean Finance, the cost of a wedding in the UK amounts to £8,000 which translates to €10,400, which is extremely far from the whopping figures that an Irish wedding is estimated to cost.

Of the newlywed couples in the UK that took part in the Ocean Finance survey, 44% of them said they paid out up to  €6,000 on their wedding day.

27% of couples admitted to spending up to €13,000, 12% spent up to €19,000, leaving 17% of the poor couples who cashed out more than €19,500 on their special day.

Getting married certainly ain’t a cheap business.

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A survey carried out earlier on this year proved that a wedding in Ireland would set you back roughly €22,000. YIKES.

52% of the couples who completed the UK survey confirmed they were able to finance their wedding day themselves through vigorous saving, 34% admitted to taking monetary support from their family and close friends for their wedding and 6% confessed taking a loan out to get hitched.

It’s fair to say there’s a huge difference in €10,000 and €20,000 so maybe getting married in the UK should be considered.

Alternatively, don’t get married at all kids.

Bear in mind, I type this as I speak to my dog…