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25th Apr 2018

Summer is over! The weather forecast for the next week is seriously grim

Rory Cashin

met eireann

Prepare for another weekend of not entirely knowing how many layers to wear outdoors.

Remember the summer of 2018?

Oh, what a glorious time it was. Two full days of sunshine, which spurred on a huge amount of “canal drinking” and an uptick in ice-cream sales of, if we were to venture a guess, approximately one million percent.

We hope you enjoyed it, because there is no sign of it returning any time soon.

The rest of this week will be another torture chamber of being too warm to wear jumpers or rain-coats, but also presenting a constant risk of rain and, in some cases, freezing temperatures.

No, we’re not kidding.

The folks at Met Eireann have laid out the rest of the week for us, weather-wise, and it is what we might optimistically call “a bit of a mixed bag”, but more accurately could be described by one big sad-face emoji.

During the day on Thursday, things will be just humid enough, hovering between 10 and 12 degrees, to make you want to leave your jacket at home, except for the heavy rain due to hit Munster and Leinster later that evening, before the temperatures suddenly drop that night to zero degrees, with a risk of frost set to arrive, too. Fantastic.

Friday will be about the same, except there also predictions of hail during the afternoon for the north and east of the country.

Saturday is also set to be warm-ish, up to 13 degrees, but there’s still rain, still some hail, and now there’s added extra of thunder and lightning to enjoy, before it all goes south to zero degrees and frost again that night.

Sunday is to be, and this is a direct quote from the weather website, “another day of sunny spells punctuated by occasionally heavy showers with a continued risk of hail and thunder”. So… that is pretty much weather bingo, right?

Essentially, bring all of your clothes with you, all of time, everywhere you go, because you’ll need to be changing every few minutes to adapt to whatever you’re being hit in the face with at the time. Enjoy!