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15th Dec 2021

Star Hobson’s mother and partner jailed for total 33 years over death of one-year-old

Sarah McKenna Barry

Star’s mother Frankie Smith and her partner Savannah Brockhill will be jailed for the murder of the 16-month-old.

*Content warning: This story contains reference to child abuse.*

Frankie Smith and Savannah Brockhill have been sentenced to a total jail time of 33 years for the murder of Smith’s one-year-old daughter Star Hobson.

Sky News reports that Brockhill, who fatally assaulted the baby, received a minimum term of 25 years, while Smith has been sentenced to eight years for allowing the death of her daughter.

Star died on 22 September 2021 in her home in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Both women were found guilty yesterday.

In sentencing the women, Mrs Justice Lambert said: “She was 16-months-old when she was murdered. Her short life was marked by neglect, cruelty, and injury.

“She was murdered by you, Savannah Brockhill. Frankie Smith, it was your role, as her mother, to protect Star from harm.

“You have been convicted by this jury of failing to protect her and, thereby, allowing her death.”

Justice Lambert also said that the fatal attack was not an “isolated” incident.

In the months leading up to her death, family members made multiple complaints to social services outlining their concern for Star, and yet she was allowed to continue living with the women.

Speaking on this matter, Star’s great-grandfather David Fawcett said: “It’s disgusting because there were five referrals. Not one of them did anything. It’s just beyond belief really.”

A review into Star’s case will be published by the Bradford Partnership. The group includes agencies that were in contact with the child, and they have said that they deeply regret that “not all the warning signs were spotted”.

The UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the murder of Star as “shocking and heartbreaking”.

“We must protect children from these barbaric crimes and ensure lessons are learned,” he said.