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13th Dec 2016

Snapchat has unleashed a seriously game-changing feature

This will change everything!


Snapchat seems to be quite the Marmite app – you either love it or hate it.

Having deleted the app recently, I have to say I don’t miss seeing numerous snaps of people’s nights out but I do miss the filters and messaging people so easily.

The photo-messaging app announced many updates this year, with Memories and Spectacles but to name a few.


According to Refinery29the app has released 3 more updates which will encourage Snapchat addicts to only use the beloved app more.

The best announcement by far is the group feature, which entitles users to send snaps not just to one person at a time, rather letting you add more than one friend to  any one conversation.

Much like group chats on Facebook and Whatsapp, you can now have a Snapchat group with up to 16 friends.

Other updates from the update include the scissors, which will let you cut a snap that can be saved to your Memories.

Also newly available is the paintbrush which will let you draw and paint over snaps saved to your Memories.

Snapchat fans took to Twitter to rejoice over the newly available function.