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17th Jun 2017

Sky News Australia thinks Sinn Fein is a person and it’s all pretty confusing

Sky News Australia made a it of an error

Well… this is awkward.

We know the Irish language is tough, there are plenty of words that we can’t say ourselves so we’re not throwing (that much) shade, but thinking a political party is actually a leader’s name is pretty funny, and well worth a wee slag all in the name of fun.

Irish journalist Aoife Grace Moore who is living in Oz was quick to spot the error and highlight it via her Twitter account:

The article they shared featured an image of Gerry Adams, the fact that he’s also now a member of the DUP is quite interesting too:

“Democratic Unionist Party’s Sinn Féin says he will oppose any deal with UK Prime Minister Theresa May that undermines a 1998 peace deal.”

Again, we must reiterate, we KNOW that people make mistakes. That doesn’t stop the hilarity from ensuing online:

A positive thing to come out of this blunder is that it looks like the journalist in question could get a job out of it!

Fair play Aoife!