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24th Jan 2023

Bereaved mum shocked after sister uses her late baby’s name for her own child

Kat O'Connor

A step too far?

There are some baby names we should never use, especially when they’ve got a sentimental meaning attached to them.

One bereaved mother was heartbroken when she found out her sister wanted to use her late daughter’s name for her own child.

She admitted that she couldn’t quite believe her sister thought it was a good idea.

She explained to Reddit that she lost her baby girl when she was in her second trimester.

The heartbroken mum said: “My family were so excited for us.

“My mum was finally looking forward to being a grandma because my sister was very adamant she didn’t want children for years.”

During her pregnancy, her sibling also found out she was pregnant. However, the woman was surprised by this because her sister has never been too keen on having a family.

“My sister found out she was pregnant when I was six months pregnant and didn’t seem excited about it, but decided to keep the baby anyway.”

She then told her she wanted to give her daughter the same name as the woman’s deceased child.

“I got extremely angry and upset with her, telling her it was uncomfortable.

“It was also inconsiderate to name her this name and she shouldn’t have picked it.”

“But she’s telling me it’s a ‘tribute’ to her daughter’s dead cousin,” the mum shared.

The heartbroken mum is no longer on speaking terms with her, but should she forgive her?

“We went through a burial and everything and they saw how devastated I was and still am,” she added.

What would you do in this heartbreaking situation?