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28th Jul 2022

Several cases of missing luggage found dumped in bin at Dublin Airport

Stephen Porzio

The information comes from a “concerned whistleblower”.

Several cases of missing luggage belonging to air passengers have been dumped in a bin at Dublin Airport, according to reports.

UTV obtained photographs from a “concerned whistleblower” a few days ago, showing suitcases left in a bin for disposal outside a warehouse at the airport packed with lost baggage.

In a statement issued to, one of the baggage agencies at the airport, Sky Handling Partners (SHP), explained that the luggage was thrown away for “health and safety reasons”.

“There have been a handful of cases, where bags which have not been recovered and which contain perishable items which are attracting vermin, whereby the bags have had to be removed to be destroyed for health and safety reasons,” a spokesperson said.

“But the passenger file is updated with those details to allow a claim to be processed.

“Please note, it is not permitted to import foodstuffs in passenger baggage and if these bags were in the customs hall they would be removed and disposed of by the Department of Agriculture regardless. “

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the daa (Dublin Airport Authority) told JOE that it has no role in baggage handling at Dublin Airport.

The UTV report comes amid a difficult time for aviation following the easing of Covid restrictions, also marked by flight cancellations and long security queues.

The Oireachtas Transport Committee heard earlier in the week that there are nearly 4,200 lost bags at Dublin Airport.

“The rapid rebound in international travel has presented significant challenges for aviation globally. Dublin has been no exception in this regard,” Managing Director Darren Moloney at SHP told the committee.

“Our service standards have simply not returned to the pre-pandemic level.”

Moloney also said SHP sincerely apologised for where this has resulted in “disruption and inconvenience for passengers”.