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15th Dec 2014

Rapist Larry Murphy Reportedly Planning A Return To Ireland This Christmas

He has been living in the UK since his release.


Larry Murphy has reportedly made contact with Irish gardaí with a view to moving home in time for Christmas.

The convicted rapist, who served ten years in prison for violently assaulting a woman in the Wicklow mountains, is understood to have been living in the UK in recent years but The Sunday World has claimed that he now plans to return to Ireland.

According to the newspaper, the sex offender has been in contact with the Garda Sex Offenders Management and Intelligence Unit (SOMIU) to ask for assistance with moving home after being forced out of three addresses in England.

If the SOMIU agree to help Murphy, he will have to keep them informed of his movements, something he is not currently obliged to do under Irish law.

However, The Star has reported that Murphy’s family want nothing to do with him if he does return to his native Wicklow.

“If Larry wants to return to Ireland, there is nothing his family can do about it — but they have made their feelings clear that he won’t be going to live with them The Murphy family are just trying to get on and live normal, quiet lives. They have had nothing to do with Larry and don’t want anything to do with him now.”

Murphy was released from prison in 2010, following his conviction for an assault in which he repeatedly raped his victim and attempted to smother her with a plastic bag before being interrupted by passersby.

He is also a suspect in the disappearances of Annie McCarrick, Jo Jo Dullard and Deirdre Jacob.