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23rd Jul 2021

Puppies rescued from back of 20 degree van in heatwave

Ellen Fitzpatrick

So cruel.

Two puppies have been rescued after they were discovered at Dublin Port yesterday by Revenue Officers.

The pups were found in the back of a van, struggling in 20-degree heat.

The two cross-breed dogs had no ventilation when they were spotted, around 7.30 am when the mornings were hitting over 20 degrees.

A DSPCA spokesperson said: “These poor puppies had no access to water and were incredibly stressed.

“Had they not been found they would have endured a horrendous journey on board the ferry to the UK especially with the heatwave that we are experiencing.

“Words can not comprehend how any living human being could think that this is ok.”

The spokesperson added that they’ve given the two puppies names, Summer and Solero, and one of the inspectors brought them into the shelter where they’re being looked after.

The little pups are also receiving veterinary care as they may be dehydrated, could have been exposed to parasites and are being tested for different infections.

The incident is being investigated by the DSPCA, thanking the Revenue Officers at Dublin Port for saving them and the puppies are not up for adoption or fostering as of right now.

The DSPCA took to Twitter to add to their frustration over the dogs just being left in such high temperatures.

They wrote: “How could anyone with a beating heart think this is ok.

“Rescued this morning by Revenue Officers at Dublin Port. Had they not have been found they would have endured an horrendous journey to the UK hidden with no ventilation. Summer & Solero are safe with us now.”