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14th May 2017

Princess Charlotte’s brand is already worth more than her big brother’s

At just two years old, Princess Charlotte is already building a fairly impressive brand.

Little Charlotte is learning a thing or two from her trend-setter mum, Kate, who is sure to sell out anything she is spotted wearing.

From her first appearance wrapped in a shawl, Charlotte has caused anything she’s been seen in to sell out in just minutes.

That’s why is was no surprise when pictures emerged of the young princess to mark her second birthday, the John Lewis website was flooded with customers eager to get their hands on some of her attire.

Yes, at just two years old, Princess Charlotte is already a style icon, and building a pretty hefty fortune, with experts saying her brand is worth a scandalous £3 billion.

According to business valuation group, Brand Finance, little Charlotte is even worth more than her older brother, George, who’s only worth a measly £2.4 billion. And is within sight of the £4.7 billion her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, is worth.

However, marketing and communications director of Brand Finance , Robert Haigh, says there is a good reason for that.

“This is actually as simple as the relative size of the men’s and women’s fashion markets,” he told Marie Claire.

“By which I mean that Charlotte’s endorsement effect will likely be felt across a much broader range of products and brands or types of clothing than will George’s, allowing a greater scope for the monetisation of her ‘brand’ and hence a higher value.”

Well, it all makes sense now.