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14th Apr 2023

Royal family members “won’t talk” to Prince Harry at Coronation following invite

Clodagh McKeon

“No interest in talking”

It was confirmed during the week that Prince Harry will attend the Royal Coronation on May 6th.

However, he’ll be on his own as wife, Meghan Markle will stay at home in California with their two children.

It’s their eldest son Archie’s birthday the same weekend and so Meghan has decided to stay home and celebrate that instead of the King’s Coronation.

Many people are saying the pair made the right decision following all the media coverage that follows them both.

Buckingham Palace released a statement saying they are delighted that Prince Harry will be at the historic event but that doesn’t mean they’ll welcome him back with open arms.

According to The Daily Mail, insiders said that Harry won’t take part in any in the King’s Procession or the Coronation Procession nor will he be on the famous balcony beside his brother William.

The Coronation is the biggest and most important day of King Charles’ life, he’s waited over 60 years to be King.

Prince Harry clearly understands that and so accepted the invitation despite having issues with the family.

Two Royal’s are likely to speak to Harry.

The insider told The Daily Mail that most of the royal family have “no interest in talking beyond basic greeting” so this may make the Coronation slightly awkward.

Harry’s relationship with his family is at an all time low, especially with brother William who seems very hurt by Harry’s damaging claims as heard in Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary.

Harry and William never spoke at the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations last year and they barely spoke at her funeral.

Although, making an appearance at the King’s Coronation could begin to mend bridges between him and his family.

After all, Harry has said multiple times that he loves his father but it’s a work in progress.

The insider also mentioned that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have remained close with their cousin Harry and have often visited him in the US.

It looks that they may be the only two Royal Family members that will speak to Harry on the day of the Coronation.

The Coronation will take place in Westminster Abbey on Saturday May 6th from 11am.

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