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08th Jul 2021

Police investigating after pregnant woman found dead and baby “missing”

Ellen Fitzpatrick

No suspects have been found in the case.

Suspicion still surrounds the strange death of a woman and her missing baby in Brazil last year.

The pregnant woman was found dead last September but her baby was nowhere to be seen when her body was discovered.

Brazilian police say the baby was not surgically removed from her womb and that she gave birth naturally before her death.

Thaysa Campos dos Santos was eight-months pregnant when she was found dead near a railway line in Deodoro in Rio de Janeiro around a week after she had gone missing.

According to The Sun, her baby was missing from her womb when the 23 year old was discovered but the post mortem revealed she gave birth to the baby naturally.

It is now thought by professor of forensic medicine at Rio de Janeiro State University Nelson Massini that the baby has been kidnapped and that Thaysa went into labour while being murdered.

Her mother Jaqueline Campos said: “I believe that my granddaughter may be alive and that Thaysa had a forced birth.

“My relatives were at the crime scene and there was no trace of the child there, just Thaysa’s body. I found out at the morgue that she had given birth.

“I want to make an appeal to the authorities: if this child is alive, I want my granddaughter back. I need my little granddaughter.”

An investigation into the circumstances of Thaysa’s death is still under way and the search for her daughter is still ongoing.

Despite the mysterious circumstances of her murder, there has been no possible suspects or motive for the crime found by Brazilian police.