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21st Oct 2014

Police Find Bodies Of Four Babies In Storage Locker In Canada

WARNING: Some may find details of the story distressing.


The bodies of four babies have been found in a storage locker in a Canadian city.

The gruesome discovery took place at a U-Haul facility in Winnipeg on Monday and it is understood that the find was made after staff noticed a foul odour coming from the locker.

CBC is reporting that police are investigating whether or not the babies had been born before being stored in the locker and have talked to several people in connection with the find.

“It was the state of the remains that drew the attention of employees. Until autopsies have been completed and whether it is found that someone has deliberately caused the death of one or all of these these infants, that remains to be seen. It’s just too early in this investigation to say what’s transpired here,”  said Const. Eric Hofley of the Winnipeg Police Service.

“We’re talking 22 hours into the investigation and we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize the outcome of it.”

Hofley later told reporters that his understanding was that the bodies were of “very young infants, certainly not children, newborns of a very young age”.