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03rd Oct 2017

Miley Cyrus performs moving tribute to honour the Las Vegas victims

"Share hope instead of encouraging any more fear"

Following Sunday night’s horrific shooting, Miley Cyrus performed on The Tonight Show and dedicated her performances to Las Vegas.

The singer gave a moving performance of Dido’s No Freedom as well as her classic The Climb from the soundtrack to The Last Song.

In a very powerful tribute, Cyrus was joined on stage by Adam Sandler who sang Dido’s hit alongside her.

Jimmy Fallon opened the show with an emotional address saying: In the face of tragedies and acts of terror, we need to remember that good still exists in this world.”

Speaking to Fallon about why she chose to sing No Freedom, the 24-year-old said:

“I love that there is no love without freedom, and I think about that when these tragic events happen. What is music if we can’t go see our favorite artist perform because we’re scared of violence or we’re scared of losing someone that we love to go to a concert or to go see a film? And I think that right now, we’re supposed to be the land of the free, but we can’t have freedom if we’re constantly living in fear so I think never bow down to bullies—that’s what my parents always said—and to stand up for what’s right, and I think just constantly share hope instead of encouraging any more fear.”

She then went on to close the show with The Climb, which she admitted she hasn’t performed live in almost six years. Nevertheless, she did a stellar job and it all of a sudden felt like 2009 again.

Closing the interview, Miley said:

“The moments we’re going to remember most aren’t being pulled apart by evil, but coming together through love, you know and all of us uniting and really believing.”

Hear, hear.