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29th Apr 2014

Max Clifford Refuses To Apologise To Assault Victims Following Guilty Verdict

The publicist has said he is "incredibly disappointed" with the outcome.


Disgraced celebrity publicist Max Clifford has refused to apologise to his victims after being found guilty of indecent assault earlier this week.

When asked for his reaction to the verdict by Channel 4 News, Clifford said he was “incredibly disappointed” by the outcome of the six-week trial, adding that “everyone knows the position”.

Asked if he had taken the opportunity to apologise to “the women who accused you”, Clifford simply said: “So, back to court on Friday.”

The 71-year-old was released following the verdict on Monday and will reappear on Friday to receive his sentence for eight counts of assault on young girls in the 1970s and 1980s.