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14th Mar 2023

Olivia’s reaction to Kai winning Love Island is not what we expected

Clodagh McKeon

Liv has grown..

After last night’s finale aired and Kai and Sanam were crowned the winners of Love Island, fans were offering ‘millions’ to see Olivia’s reaction.

They thought it would be explosive and that she’d be less than impressed. I mean, that’s a fair assumption after how Liv reacted when Kai coupled up with Sanan after Casa Amor.

We didn’t get a live reaction from Olivia but she did take to Instagram to share her thoughts.

She posted an Instagram story with a picture of the winners and wrote: “Happy for them” followed by some loved up emojis.

Fans wanted a fiery reaction from Olivia but instead, she was cool, calm and collected.

After she got dumped from the villa a few weeks ago, Liv did come out and admit her behaviour may have been a bit over the top, so we have to give her that.

Speaking on Aftersun Sunday, she spoke about her reaction to Kai and Sanam coupling up.

She said: “Let me just say, I’ve watched that clip back and I put my hands up, ‘I’m such a hypocrite.’

“In the moment it’s so intense. Emotions are high. There were real feelings there.

“So when I walked through those doors I was so nervous to come back with Maxwell. I’m just happy that me and Kai have sorted it all out.”

Last night’s finale celebrations..

Olivia travelled to London to be with past islanders for the Love Island finale and she looked amazing.

She was wearing a cross-over, tight red dress and had a slicked back pony hairstyle and she rocked it.

Although it wasn’t clear if Olivia’s beau, Maxwell was there or if they’re even together, Olivia looked to be having fun with ex-islanders Olivia Attwood and Claudia Fogarty.

To our surprise, Claudia arrived to the celebrations with ex-bombshell, Keanan.

Keanan had a thing for Claudia in the villa but because she only had eyes for Casey, their relationship didn’t evolve.

But, maybe now that they’re out of the villa, things can rekindle, who knows?

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