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24th Jun 2017

Irishman’s ‘haunted cottage’ video goes viral and scares the bejayses out of us

You have to watch this

“Just walk past the abandoned nursery and you’ll find the haunted cottage.”

Darragh Taheny is a filmmaker from Ireland who likes to scare the absolute shite out of himself and in this particular video he manages to terrify us too, just a little bit, by spending a night in a haunted cottage.


Darragh went in search of an abandoned cottage out in the middle of nowhere and filmed the experience.

The longer this goes on, the more Blair Witch things get, until Darragh decided to tempt the spirits by saying ‘Bloody Mary’ three times into a mirror.

If you loved telling ghost stories as a child, you’re going to enjoy this (if ‘enjoy’ is the right word).

Darragh told the JOE  boys that his video will feature on the American TV viral video show RightThisMinute on Monday night.

Worldwide fame awaits.