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03rd Jul 2023

Irish woman arrested after reportedly abandoning her child during ‘drunken holiday’

An Irish mother has been arrested for child abandonment in Spain.

The 45-year-old woman reportedly consumed a large amount of alcohol during her trip to Majorca.

Spanish police arrested her last Tuesday for a “crime of child abandonment”, Majorca Daily Bulletin reports.

Hotel guests called the police after the woman reportedly abandoned her child. They were concerned for the child’s well-being after the mum continued drinking, even though the hotel staff stopped serving her.

She reportedly went into a nearby shop and purchased even more alcohol.

A source told the publication that she left her daughter, aged 5, alone so she could drink.

The young girl was cared for by other guests at the hotel. They fed her and cleaned her as her mother continued drinking.

Following the woman’s arrest, police called the child’s father. He had to fly from Ireland but is now caring for the young girl.