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20th Jan 2017

The internet is freaking out about the Tiffany box Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama


Cathy Donohue

The big question.

So, today Donald Trump became the President of America and as you can probably tell, it hasn’t gone down too well with people.

What people did love though was Michelle Obama’s gas reaction when Melania Trump handed her a gift wrapped up in a Tiffany box.

Of course, that got people wondering what exactly was in the box, even prompting The New York Times to conduct an ‘investigation’.

Below is Tiffany’s official line on the subject which leaves us none the wiser to the contents of the box.

“The White House has been a patron of the house of Tiffany & Co. since Abraham Lincoln”.

People are mad to know what might be in it and have taken to Twitter to ponder the subject.


I’m particularly fond of this one.

Same here.

Right answer?!