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02nd Mar 2018

The important reason you still shouldn’t be out driving today

This is bigger than all of us.
met eireann

You could be getting in the way of someone in need.

Met Éireann has officially lifted its public safety instruction to stay indoors, but while you might be tempted to get out in the car, one emergency responder has explained why you shouldn’t.

Dr Jason Van Der Veldt, a consultant in emergency medicine at Cork University Hospital (CUH) warned that motorists should stay off the road today as they could impede the efforts of emergency services trying to get to those in need.

A red weather warning remains in place for Munster, Leinster and Galway as snow continues to fall in many areas, making conditions driving conditions tough.

The important reason you still shouldn't be out driving today

Dr Van Der Veldt told RTÉ News of responding to a call from the Old Head of Kinsale in Cork this morning where a woman in labour needed to get to the hospital, as well as tending to another patient in the county who was having a suspected heart attack.

He said a journey that normally takes half and hour could take up to and hour and a half or two hours thanks to the treacherous conditions.

Meeting other cars on the road adds time onto the emergency vehicles’ journeys, he said, and extra minutes could put others’ lives at risk.

“Please folks, stay off the roads,” he urged.

At a time when our emergency service workers are already under pressure, it’s something to think about before getting behind the wheel today.