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20th Sep 2022

“Home alone” – Prince Louis memes are taking over the internet

“Where’s Louis?”

Probably unbeknown to himself, four-year-old Prince Louis of Wales went on to become the star of the show earlier this summer at the late Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilée celebrations.

The little royal’s antics and hilarious facial expressions captured hearts – and memes – across the world.

And so although the past few days’ events in London were a far more sombre and serious affair, it seems people still missed the precious carry-on of the pint-sized prince.

So much so, in fact, that when Louis’ elder siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were seen to take part in the late Queen’s funeral and committal services in London and Windsor on Monday, the internet exploded with memes speculating what little Louis – who was left at home – was up to for the day.

Just take a look:

It seems many believe little Louis was having his very own ‘Party at the Palace…’

The tot’s antics at the Party at the Palace concert earlier this summer secured him a forever place in the meme hall of fame.

Others were wondering how Louis’ poor nanny was holding it together:

Many figured it was him mum, the Princess of Wales, who had made the call to leave little Louis at home – after having had to deal with the brunt of his (very normal for a toddler) behaviour at the Platinum Jubilée celebrations: