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25th Apr 2022

The Happy Pear twins apologise for controversial breast cancer video

“It is never our intention to mislead or to misinform.”

The Happy Pear twins Stephen and David Flynn came under fire this weekend for a “misleading” video about breast cancer.

In the now-deleted video posted to Instagram, they claimed that breast cancer rates in high income countries like Ireland and UK are much higher than countries like China – and offered advice on how to reduce your risk.

They said a high intake of saturated fats and excessive dairy consumption can be a factor in causing breast cancer and a plant-based diet with foods like soy and mushrooms can help in the prevention of the disease.

Many people were left outraged, calling the video “factually incorrect”. Others said it shamed cancer patients, implying individuals are to blame for their own illness.


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Cancer researcher and science writer Dr David Robert Grimes criticised the video and stressed that “cancer is not a moral failing, it’s a disease”.

Consultant paediatrician Dr Niamh Lynch wrote on Twitter: “Do the Happy Pear have any clue whatsoever about the hurt and the harm they have caused with that breast cancer video?”

Now, the brothers have issued a statement apologising for any offence they may have caused.

“The Happy Pear acknowledges that some of the content in a recent post promoting an upcoming podcast with Dr Nitu Bajekal, Consultant Obstetrician and gynaecologist from London UK, has caused offence as a few of the statements were not qualified appropriately.

“We sincerely apologise for any offence caused, it is never our intention to mislead or to misinform.

“The Happy Pear partners with many highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners and we always defer to their professional expertise and opinions.”

The statement continued: “The Happy Pear never represents itself as a medical professional or medical expert. Our main purpose serves to highlight some of the health and lifestyle benefits of plant-based eating.

“We will endeavour to ensure that this does not happen again.”