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23rd Mar 2021

Gunman kills 10 people after opening fire in Colorado supermarket

Less than a week after the attacks in Atlanta, there has been another shooting in America.

Ten people have been killed after a gunman opened fire at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

On Monday, just before 3pm local time, Boulder police tweeted from their official account that there was an active gunman in a supermarket.

Within half an hour, multiple shots had been fired with what is believed to be an AR-15: a military assault rifle both common and popular in the United States.

For added context on how easy it is to acquire such a deadly weapon, the Atlanta shooter bought his gun on the same day he opened fire on innocent lives, mere hours before.

Among the ten found dead, the first to have been identified is Eric Talley, a 51-year-old officer who was first to arrive on the scene. The identities of the other victims are yet to be confirmed.

This is the seventh mass shooting in America this year. It’s not the first mass shooting in Colorado either, the state in which the city of Boulder is located.