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13th Oct 2023

Woman marries husband in €31,400 wedding before he suddenly ghosted her


The method of ‘ghosting’ has seriously picked up speed over recent years and thousands of people are sharing their experiences online everyday.

One woman in Australia has told of how her own husband ghosted her after their marriage was official and his visa was sorted.

Isabelle Glastonbury, 31, met her now ex-husband in Dallas and quickly fell in love with the Texan’s charming nature.

The pair got engaged quite quickly and moved from the US to Australia in 2018.

The couple planned a lavish €31,400 wedding, but just weeks after, her new husband disappeared.

Isabelle described how they had been celebrating her new husband’s successful visa application when he suddenly left with no warning – or goodbye.

She told Daily Mail Australia: “I got home and literally 90 percent of his stuff had disappeared.”

Describing what happened, Isabelle recalled: “I had this sinking feeling. I tried logging into our immigration accounts, I had been locked out of everything, my credit cards were maxed-out, and I was blocked on his phone, none of my calls or messages going through.

“He ghosted everyone – all of our mutual friends, the best man from our wedding and his own family, no-one knew where he was.”

Despite the shock surrounding his disappearance, Isabelle said: “In hindsight the months leading up to discovering her husband had disappeared were concerning.

“He had become distant and started disappearing at night, I felt like I was married to a complete stranger.”

She also went on to claim that The Department of Immigration and Border Protection did nothing to reverse the man’s visa after he vanished.

“So many people reported him to immigration and nothing happened,” she said.

“I have such a problem with the visa situation, literally people can leave and have no repercussions or be forced to have any accountability.”

The pair have since divorced and have only seen each other for a fleeting meet up to finalise proceedings.


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