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05th May 2022

Former TK Maxx worker says there’s a certain number on tags you need to look out for

Brb, on the way to TK Maxx.

You’re either good at TK Maxx or you’re not, there’s no in-between but apparently, there’s a trick to help you know what’s worth it and what’s not.

Finding a branded bargain is one thing, but knowing it’s the real deal is another and that’s exactly what one former TK Maxx employee is here to help with.

Revealing how you can find the best bargains, there is a particular number on the tags you should be looking out for.

In a new Channel 5 documentary, TK Maxx: How do they do it?, shoppers are given a glimpse of what really goes on when it comes to the stock in the shop, with former workers spilling all.

In the documentary, former senior merchandiser Daniel Baker has advised shoppers to keep an eye out for a single number on labels.

Speaking in the upcoming show, which will air this Sunday, Daniel said: “On any label, you can see a number. The number that is really exciting to a customer is number two because that means it’s genuine stock that was sold at a higher price somewhere else.

“It’s excess stock or something like that.”

The numbers go from one to nine, with some not used and some being of a much higher significance.

The number two is the one you really have to look out for, as Daniel said: “The main three codes are one, two, and seven.

“One means produced for TK Maxx, two is ‘close out buy’ that is unsold from another brand, and seven is ‘packaway’ which means it’s been packed for a previous year, like Christmas crackers bought in January for the following year.

“You can get good value for money on a type one. It could be that just the sheer volume they are producing means they can price it cheaper.

“The real bargains you are looking for are a two and a seven for sure. That’s also part of the treasure hunt when I got into a store as I’m constantly going ‘oh that’s a type two, that’s a real bargain there.”