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30th Aug 2018

Forget carrying camping gear to EP – this year you can grab it all right there!

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by Tesco Ireland.

No more lugging around those super heavy bags festival goers.

The reason being – you no longer need to. Rest assured, that long walk into festival grounds is about to feel A LOT shorter because we don’t need to carry a sleeping bag, or any more essentials. This year, these vital items will be there waiting for us.

Sounds far too good to be true – we agree. To think getting ourselves set up in Stradbally could be so simple, meaning the fun is sure to begin even sooner. Basically, it’s all thanks to the folks at Tesco, who have set up shop on Electric Picnic’s very own grounds. (Hurrah!)

Tesco’s pop-up store (you’ll find it by the Andy Warhol campsite) has everything any ticket holder might need. Think wet wipes, snacks, bottled water, tonic water, toothpaste, sunscreen, anti-bacterial gel, sandwiches, fresh salads, toiletries – the list goes on.

But besides the above, there will be very reasonably priced camping gear available for purchase too. The list includes folding chairs at €10.50 each, folding arm chairs (€10.50), foam mats (€1.50), foot pumps (€6.50), rectangular sleeping bags (€12) single airbeds (€10.99), universal headlights (€9.99) and a large rubber torch (€10). The shop will be open from 4pm, Thursday August 30, for the duration of the festival – so we’ve plenty of time to get ourselves properly fixed.

If you’re feeling extra festive, there’s glow sticks, rainbow wings and more to have you feeling extra excited and celebratory while we dance and sing to our favourite acts. So, leave the stress of packing at home ladies. All you’ll need to think about is that festival wardrobe of yours. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope we won’t need our wellies too much.

Brought to you by Tesco Ireland.