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26th Nov 2016

Family pet killed at a break-in in Armagh

The dog was a Jack Russell

A Jack Russell was killed mercilessly as part of a break-in, in the area of Bessbrook.

In Archdale in Co. Armagh, a household pet was killed as part of a burglary.

According to Belfast Live, the break-in occurred on Friday evening where the family’s dog was attacked and killed.

No family members were in the house when the crime occurred, but this break-in comes following a spate of house break-ins in both the Bessbrook and Camlough areas of Co. Armagh.

A councillor for Sinn Féin, Roisin Mulgrew told how appalled the community are at the doing of such a heinous crime.

“The local community are just shocked. It is hard to believe people could stoop so low. There are young children in this house and I’m sure they will be devastated. How could a mother explain that to young ones?

“…I just wonder if they’ve gone into this house and that poor wee dog has started barking and they’ve done this. It’s just shocking and I think the police need to step up patrols in the area and the community have to be ultra vigilant. I don’t remember in all my days a crime spree like this, it’s terrible.”