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20th Aug 2022

English town pledges to turn vegan-only with backing of Paul McCartney

Interesting move.

A town in the UK has pledged to go completely vegan as it shifts to plant-based meals for pupils and patients.

Haywards Heath in West Sussex has a population of around 34,000 is pledging to offer vegan-only options in its schools and hospitals and will give awards to those who make the transition.

The town is the first in Europe to sign the Plant Based Treaty, with Buenos Aires, Argentina and Boynton Beach, Florida already joining the initiative.

This treaty hopes communities will take a step back from animal farming, and it has even been backed by none other than Sir Paul McCartney.

Urging various governments to follow suit, Paul has completely backed the treaty as he himself is a committed vegetarian.

Experts have said that switching to a plant-based diet reduces our personal carbon footprint dramatically.

According to, Dr Richard Nicholson, Green Party councillor for Haywards Heath, said: “The Climate Crisis is no longer a distant future threat, but an existential crisis that is upon us in 2022.

‘The South East of England has endured the highest ever summer temperatures in history and people’s properties have been destroyed by fire and flood.

“We cannot wait for governments – we must all act immediately – and moving to a plant-based diet is the most impactful thing any individual can do to help address the grave situation we face.”

Urging others to follow suit, Hayward Heath Town Council is also launching an awards programme for businesses and schools to reduce food waste and lower their meat consumption.

Other aspects of the treaty include subsidising fruit and veg, putting a ban on live exports and no conversion of land to animal farming or animal feed production.

Unable to build solar farms or wind turbines, the council also plans to educate their community on how to reduce CO2 emissions in other ways as well as reducing the cost of their energy bills.