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16th Jul 2018

Dublin City Council to allow log cabins in gardens to ‘help’ with renting crisis

Olivia Hayes

Would you be for or against this?

It has been reported that Dublin City Council is considering allowing log cabin to be built in back gardens in order to help with the renting crisis.

According to 98fm, reports suggest that the council would turn a ‘blind eye’ to planning regulations, and once neighbours give the go-ahead, homeowners would be able to build the cabins on their land.

People Before Profit Councillor John Lyons said that the idea could work in theory, however there would have to be a limited time frame for the cabins.

Image result for log cabin ireland back garden

He said: “I would say that five years would be a fair timeframe to put on it.

“We’d have to have that debate in the city council chamber, but that to my mind would give young couples in particular some time to save up some money.”

He continued: “I think it’s a rather sensible, modest proposal that could help a lot of families who at the moment are suffocating with ever increasing rents.”

Rents in Dublin, and indeed all across Ireland, have been rising in recent years and months, with no end in sight. What do you think about living in a log cabin? Would it be sustainable?