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08th Mar 2022

Dublin Airport to start charging people for dropping off friends and family

Ellen Fitzpatrick

A sad, sad day.

Dublin Airport has given some utterly devastating news, it’s going to cost you to collect any friends or family.

Our trip to the airport usually consists of getting a lift, lugging all our bags out of the car and waving our ever so kind parents off as they provided the personal taxi.

This is all about to change as the airport announced that they will be no longer letting you pull up and wait for your friend or family member in the drop off area for free.

Dublin Airport has been given the green light to install new infrastructure which will charge motorists dropping people off or picking them up.

The move aims to reduce the level of cars coming to the airport, a spokesperson told The Irish Independent.

“As part of our ‘sustainability’ agenda, the new system aims to reduce car journeys to and from the airport and to encourage passengers to make greater use of public transport,” they said.

The charges aren’t expected to come into play until after the 2022 summer season, and according to the publication, “the new system will not be in place for the upcoming summer season and construction will take place in the second half of 2022.”

Anyone with mobility issues, however, will still be given access to a free drop off zone.