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03rd Mar 2022

Donegal woman kicked off Tinder for dressing like a clown

Clowning around.

A Donegal woman has been kicked off Tinder after she was posting pictures of herself dressed as a clown on the dating app.

Jessica Harkin, who is also known as Kazoo the Clown, was recently booted off the app for posting pictures in her work attire.

Speaking about the incident, Jessica oined Jennifer Zamparelli on RTÉ 2FM to share exactly what had happened.

“I think I got more matches as a clown than I did in my normal attire,” the 25 year old said. “I think people were matching for the craic just to see what was going on.”

Despite getting a fair few matches, Jessica said that representatives from Tinder claimed she had broken their community guidelines.

While they did claim this, Jessica said that the app wouldn’t give her any specific details as to why or how she had broken them.

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Speaking to Jam Press, Jessica added: “I’ve seen girls with more makeup than this on. Even if you are you, you can still get banned.

“It was going well, people were enjoying the videos, people were having a laugh on Tinder about it, and then they banned my account.

“How am I going to find a clown man now?”

Thankfully, her account has since been reinstated after Jessica appealed the decision to have her account banned, and she’s back and looking for love.

And what’s her bio you might wonder? It reads: “I heard you were ‘just looking for fun?’ Well pal, the party has arrived!! Where can I set down this birthday cake and chocolate milk?”