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28th Nov 2016

Donald Trump still thinks the election was rigged

Why does he keep doing this?

For all Donald Trump’s faults, and there are many, some of us were naive enough to think that winning the US Presidential election would at least be enough for him to stop complaining about a rigged US Presidential election.

However, it seems logic is no friend of the man who has called Mexicans “rapists”, proposed to ban all Muslims from the United States and was filmed using the phrase “grab her by the p***y”.

Oh, and who has appointed a white supremacist as his chief strategist, while giving the role of ‘security adviser’ to a man who claims “Fear of Muslims is rational”.

But anyway, back to that whole Trump vs logic argument.

Before the election, Trump was crying fix. Which you might think is rather odd.

The above tweet, and the three that follow, were all sent within the space of 48 hours.

Yup, you read that right.

The good news for Trump is that, if the election was ‘rigged’ as he says, it wasn’t enough to help Hillary Clinton see off his challenge.

The Republican candidate won the electoral vote, though an official request for a recount has followed (even if there are no suggestions of foul play).

So, has Trump – who, let’s remember, *won* the electoral vote (if not the popular vote) decided to bite his tongue and ride it all out? We’ll let you take a guess.

And here’s a screenshot, just in case Trump deletes the original.


It is a bizarre accusation to be making, not least because the first arrest for electoral fraud involved a Trump supporter.

There were some reasonably sensible responses thrown the way of the President-elect.

While others were more keen to just point out the obvious.