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28th Mar 2023

Claire Byrne speaks out about Late Late Show rumours

“I never said I would never do TV again”

Claire Byrne has finally spoken out following those Late Late Show rumours.

The broadcaster has been favourite to replace current host Ryan Tubridy since he confirmed he was leaving the show later this year.

However, she was shocked to hear Tubridy was leaving the show.

She told the RTÉ Guide, “I was as surprised as anyone to hear the news of Ryan’s decision but when I interviewed him on the radio I could tell he was very happy with his choice and that really is the most important thing.”

Hinting at her future in RTÉ, Byrne said she has a good work-life balance now.

“I was taking a bit of a break from television, but I never said I would never do TV again.

“It is just that time slot was very demanding in terms of the rest of my schedule.

Byrne said filming her new show has been much easier because you can film multiple episodes together.

“It is not placing a demand on you every single week,” she said.

This led many to believe a weekly show like the Late Late would be the perfect fit for her.

The journalist said she has a healthier balance in her career now.

“I can pick and choose in terms of television what I want to do, so that’s a really great place to be.

The broadcaster continued, “To be able to say and to be able to say no.”

She added, “I am exactly where I want to be, and I feel everything is in balance.

Tubridy only has a handful of weeks left on The Late Late Show so we won’t have to wait much longer to find out who his replacement is.

Feature Image: RTÉ

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