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28th Dec 2021

Childline received over 1,000 calls from “anxious” children over Christmas

Love bombing

There has been a rise in concerns.

*This article contains references to self harm.*

Childline has received over 1,000 calls from children over the Christmas season with concerns over family conflict, mental health issues and self-harm.

According to the Irish Examiner, more than 100 volunteers worked in different centres across the country over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St Stephens Day, receiving calls and texts on the helpline.

While they previously showed concerns over an increase in young people contacting the helpline in reference to self-harm, more calls were made over the last number of days which raised further concerns.

ISPCC Chief Executive John Church told the publication: “While Christmas is often a time of great joy for children and young people, we know from those who turn to Childline that the magic of the season does not reach every child.

“This year, many children did not wake up to the kind of Christmas Day they had dreamed of. Tensions may have come to the surface in their homes, they may have struggled with challenges to their mental and emotional health, or there may have been an empty place at their table due to bereavement. Many turned to Childline to tell us how they felt anxious, upset and isolated.

“No matter what is on the mind of a child or young person on any day or night of the year, Childline is here to listen to them, believe them, support and empower them.”

Chruch added his thanks for the team working over Christmas that helped each child that reached out to the service, and also thanked the public for their support and fundraising.

You can contact Childline by calling 1800 66 66 66 or texting 50101.