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18th Jun 2018

Cari’s Closet share statement responding to negative claims about the business

Cari's Closet

Irish fashion boutique, Caris’s Closet, received criticism over the weekend after negative claims were made regarding some of their goods.

An Instagram page featured complaints from alleged customers who said they were disappointed with the quality of the goods they purchased.

Some maintained that these goods had been bought from wholesalers and were then sold at marked-up prices.

There are two Cari’s Closet stores, one in Malahide, Co Dublin and another in Cork City, in addition to an online website.

The business has been in operation for six years and over the weekend, these negative allegations surfaced.

Her reached out to Cari’s Closet in relation to the aforementioned claims and received the below statement:

“Cari’s Closet wishes to acknowledge the recent claims online to the store. We started out as a rental store for the first three years moving solely into sales, but we now only sell our own label.

“Initially we sourced clothes through wholesalers. Currently we manufacture our own clothes for sale in our stores and on our website in clothing manufacturers throughout China.

“All our clothes that we retail have Cari’s Closet labels on them. We do not buy clothes for retail through any online websites”.

“We have worked hard over the last six years with our team to build our business. Our customers are important to us and we deal with all complaints we get individually”.