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26th Jul 2017

Big changes are on the way for car owners in the UK in 2040

Two decades from now could look a lot different.

Darragh Berry

It’s not today or tomorrow but it means Ireland could follow suit.

Here in Ireland, we’ve been going electric car crazy and on Tuesday the Green Party pleaded for shops to install charging points in all their filling stations which was followed by BMW’s announcement about producing fully-electric cars.

Well, our neighbours across the sea are taking on the same green and clean approach and have made a huge announcement regarding cars in their country.

According to the BBC, The Government are set to announce that new diesel and petrol cars will be banned in the UK from 2040 onwards.

The ban is part of the UK’s bid to tackle air pollution and it is said that a £255 million fund will be rolled out to tackle emissions from diesel vehicles which is part of a massive £3 billion project on air quality in the UK.

A full clean air strategy is set to be published which will see the Government talk about the future of electric cars in their country.

Campaigners for better air quality in the UK are said to be happy with the plans already set out by the Government but felt that more detail was needed in the overall outlook on it.