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02nd Sep 2019

‘Meng Meng became a mom!’ Berlin Zoo celebrates the rare birth of panda twins

So sweet.

Earlier today, Berlin Zoo announced that one of their beloved animals, Meng Meng, has given birth to twins.

The birth of the twins is an especially momentous occasion as it is the first time one of the endangered pandas has given birth in Germany.

A social media spokesperson for the German zoo took to Twitter today to make the special announcement;

“Meng Meng became a mom – twice! We are so happy, we are speechless!”

Berlin Zoo also shared two videos of the proud mum with her new twins in which she can be seen hugging and washing them.

The rare twins are absolutely tiny and currently only have the smallest amount of fur so they’ll need lots more cuddles from their mum to keep them warm.

Even though the pandas were born in Berlin, they will be returned to their native home of China before they are four years old.

Main image via Twitter: Berlin Zoo