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09th May 2016

Sabina Higgins has described Irish abortion law as an ‘outrage against women’

She made the comments at a conference last week.

Ellen Tannam

Sabina Higgins, actress and wife of President Michael D Higgins has made some strong comments about the current state of abortion law in Ireland.

The Irish Times report Mrs Higgins was speaking after a debate in Trinity College last week organised by the Nursing and Midwifery board of Ireland in Trinity College last week.

She spoke specifically of fatal foetal abnormalities which can be diagnosed before the baby is born, and described it as an outrage that women should be ‘made carry’ the baby if the chances of its survival are slim.

“There has to be the choice that you know that, what do you call it, that foetal abnormality, that the person or persons should be made carry, you know, and sit in, you know. These are really outrages against women and outrages against the world and nature”.

Higgins spoke recently at a special commemoration for the Women on 1916 in March, where she said that the ideals of the rebels ‘had not been realised in terms of equal rights for women in the country.

(video via Channel 4)