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25th Jan 2018

Sting and Shaggy are recording an album and we’ve so many questions

The most unlikely of duos.

Orlaith Condon

The most unlikely of duos.

We have to admit, we never saw this collaboration coming but we’re intrigued to hear the result.

Rock and roll star, Sting, and the man featured on every 90s banger ever, Shaggy, are teaming up to release an album.

Yes, the pair have just released their first single, “Don’t Make Me Wait”, and that’s just the beginning in what is said to be a Caribbean-influenced LP.

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It’s reported that Sting surprised Shaggy in the recording studio last year and that resulted in a jam session. Just a few months later and a record is now the way.

The LP is called 44/876 and will be released on April 20, 4/20.

After the pair played the record for the magazine, Shaggy, who Sting calls “the Pope of Jamaica”, reportedly said:

“Doesn’t that just sound like something that hundreds of women would get pregnant to?”

We’ll let you decided for yourselves on that one.