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14th May 2019

Forbidden Fruit is almost here and these are five fab female artists to watch out for

Anna Daly

Forbidden Fruit

Brought to you by Bulmers Forbidden Fruit. 

We’re so excited!

‘Tis less than a month away, people. We are counting. down. the. days.

We’ve got our outfits picked out, our sun cream bought (don’t let us down, sun!), and we have been listening to the featured artists on repeat.

And let us just tell you, ladies, there are some top quality gals in the lineup this year. If you’re a bit overwhelmed by the number of artists that’ll be playing at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit and you’re not sure who to start listening to first, we’ll help you out. Here’s a list of just some of the amazing women artists performing at the festival and a little taster of what you can expect from them.

Trust us, you have a LOT to look forward to. So, without further ado, here’s our top five.

1. Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou is a Berlin-based Korean artist and her music is not like anything else you’ve ever heard before. Her DJ sets are a mix between house, techno, and abstract pieces. Here’s a little piece from her that will simultaneously hype you up and calm you down. Just listen, you’ll know what we mean. You’ll be able to find Peggy Gou on the Undergrowth Stage on Sunday, June 2.

2. Honey Dijon

Here’s another DJ artist that we just LOVE. There’s no relaxing with these sets though, Honey Dijon is for the start of the festival when you are 100 percent energy-filled. Good thing too because she’s the first Lighthouse Stage act on Saturday, June 1. She’ll be ready and waiting for all your fresh faces.

3. First Aid Kit

These Swedish gals blew us away a few years ago with their country song ‘My Silver Lining’ (look it up, you definitely know it). They have only been getting better since and we are completely in love with the song ‘Fireworks’ that they released last year. Give it a listen, we bet you’ll fall in love too. First Aid Kit will be performing second on the Original Stage on Monday, June 3.

4. Mahalia

We have a feeling this English voice is going to make up part of the soundtrack to our 2019 summer because her songs are perfect to listen to when you’re sitting outside and the sun is shining. We’ll be heading straight to the Undergrowth Stage for her performance on Saturday, June 1.

5. Saint Sister

Our very own Irish ladies duo. And let us just say, their voices are magical. Inspired by traditional Irish music, their songs still maintain a real uniqueness and raw emotion that will make these girls go far. Be sure to listen to those lyrics too, these are talented writers, lads! You’ll be able to hear more from Saint Sister at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit on the Undergrowth Stage on Monday, June 3.

These are only five of the amazing female artists that will be performing at the festival. Other ladies that we cannot WAIT to hear are Fehdah (Original Stage, Sunday, June 2), Empress Of (Original Stage, Sunday, June 2), Peach (Lighthouse Stage, Sunday, June 2), Julien Baker (Original Stage, Monday, June 3), Haai (Lighthouse Stage, Sunday, June 2), Fia Moon (Someplace Else X District, Saturday, June 1), Prymary Colours (Someplace Else X District, Sunday, June 2), and Pillow Queens (Someplace Else X District, Monday, June 3).

There’s so much talent this year that you won’t know which stage to head to. Feel free to check them all out and be blown away. If you want a good selection of songs to get yourself excited for the festival, there’s an official Bulmers Forbidden Fruit 2019 playlist on Spotify.

For a full list of the artists performing at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit this year, check out their website.

Brought to you by Bulmers Forbidden Fruit