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26th May 2016

People are going absolutely nuts over this teen’s impressive water bottle trick

Flipping hell!

We all have our little party tricks that we like to think make us special.

In your wildest fantasies, you might even think that your rarely-seen talent could make you rich and famous, if only you could find the right audience.

Well, for one teenage student in the US, his party trick might not have made him rich (yet), but it’s certainly made him famous. Or insanely viral online. Which, come to think of it, is probably the most up-to-date definition of famous there is right now.

Mike ‘The Bike’ Senatore is a senior at Ardrey Kell High School, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Earlier this week, Mike took part in his school’s talent competition, where he showed off his knack for flipping a water bottle and having it land perfectly upright. A classmate of his named Wes filmed it and put it out on Twitter, where it has had over 46,000 RTs and 60,000 likes.

It sounds so simple and yet it’s a really tricky thing to pull off.

Though others seem to have aced it.

(Go on, give it a try yourself, we’ll wait).

Here’s a view of Mike’s trick from another angle.

It looks like he’s been known for that bottle talent for a while now, if this tweet from last summer is any indication.

As you can hear and see in the above videos of Mike’s trick, the crowd absolutely love it. And it’s a reaction that has been shared by the very many people who have watched it on social media.

There are obviously going to be people who watch the video and think, “What the actual fuck are people freaking out over, exactly?!” But, if nothing else, this along with the Chewbacca Mum sensation, indicates that when it comes to standing out in the noisy, crowded viral content game, simplicity really is the winning characteristic.

And just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, Mike recreated the trick for a local TV news programme:

And how’s he reacting to his newfound viral fame?