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02nd Jun 2016

This girl’s dad attempted to use Siri to send her a text message with hilarious results

This is actually too much.

Ellen Tannam

Technology is beautiful and amazing. A large portion of the world’s population is now walking around with powerful tiny computers in their pockets that contain a wealth of the world’s knowledge.

Technological advances are rapidly accelerating, and sometimes things changing can be a bit too fast for some people.

For example, I don’t know one person who has had a positive experience with a wireless printer and don’t even try unlocking your phone with your fingerprint after having a shower.

Another issue a lot of people have is with the infamous bot assistant on the iPhone, Siri. Siri is a temperamental (virtual) lady, and as useful as she can be most of the time, there are incidents where she just refused to play ball.

This Twitter user’s dad knows this all too well. He tried to send his daughter (@punkcas) a text using Siri and she just wouldn’t cooperate. GAS.

We feel his pain. *Throws phone at wall*